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BUDGET BUDGET Reservation ID: $reservationNumber

Budget QuickPass, tick!

You’ve just saved the future you time by registering with QuickPass!

Thanks for giving us #if(!$dvlaLicense) all #end the details we need to get your rental agreement sorted before you get here.

Our worry-free promise means we’ve got your back. We're going the extra mile to ensure all our cars are squeaky clean and safe.

Now here’s the important part, please don’t forget your driving licence, #if($showPaymentField) and payment card(s)*, #end plus your Passport or ID card. We’ll need to check these when you come to collect your vehicle. #if($dvlaLicense) If you hold a UK driving licence, please bring your DVLA licence code which can be obtained here: https://www.gov.uk/view-driving-licence. #end

#if($within2Hours) If you've completed your QuickPass registration less than 2 hours before collection we may still need to prepare your rental. Otherwise we'll ask for a signature and check you have everything you need before handing over the keys. #else

Our local teams may also give you a quick call 24-72 hours ahead of your collection time to prepare your rental over the phone.

We can’t wait to see you soon. 

*Please note: When renting higher value vehicles, two payment cards are required at the counter. One of these cards must be a credit card. In some countries two credit cards are required. This is highlighted in the booking confirmation.


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Contact Information

We are a member of the European Car Rental Conciliation Service (ECRCS). ECRCS independently reviews disputes with no additional cost to you. If you make a complaint and are unhappy with our final response you can refer your dispute to ECRCS.

Please note: you should only refer your complaint to ECRCS once you have considered our final response and we have informed you that if you remain dissatisfied, you may contact them. If you contact them before you get our final response, they may not accept your referral at that time.