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Booking Terms and Conditions 
Please see the Booking Conditions for more details on cancelling your booking, the associated charges and how to claim any refund you may be entitled to
Important Rental Location Information 
We recommend you read the Location Specific information, which gives you important information you need to know about your rental.
We are a member of the European Car Rental Conciliation Service (ECRCS) and a number of local car rental conciliation services. These organisations independently review disputes with no additional cost to you. If you make a complaint and are unhappy with our final response you can refer your dispute to the relevant conciliation service. We will tell you who this is.

Contact us: For information on the ECRCS, please call Customer Services. 

Winter tyre Equipment
For rentals in ITALY we'd like to remind you that in most provinces you are required to have winter tyres fitted – or stow a set of snow chains on board – which match the type of vehicle you've hired. This regulation applies from November 15th to April 15th.

We recommend that you check in advance whether your travel itinerary will pass through an area that enforces this requirement. This can be done by consulting the websites www.poliziadistato.it and www.mit.gov.it.

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You receipt or rental invoice will be issued by the Budget station at the end of the rental. Alternatively you can contact Budget Contact Center at 2130213120 or by email at contact@budget.gr and request your receipt or invoice.

Wish you a safe and enjoyable journey. Thank you for choosing Budget.